Mr. Dominic Bevalaque

The next member of the Hall of Fame may be an unknown to most people. I never will forget when I got my first call from him. He said this is Dom Bevalaque and he went on to spell his name it is B e v as in victor. He hired me to be an assistant football, junior high track, and head boy's and girl's coach. I also taught PE. He asked me if I knew anything about track, I replied no, but that I was a fast learner.

Mr. Bevalaque taught me a lot he also had to endure a lot of mistakes made by this young coach. Through all the mistakes he stuck by my side. He did me a favor one time; even though it may not seem like it was a favor. He was wanting to stop coaching. He told me that I was the odd man out even though I had done nothing wrong. He told me this at Christmas so I would have plenty of time to find another job. He showed me the value of being organized. He had everything scheduled to the T. He also took me aside and gave me the advice that if I was going to coach track; I needed to strive to be the best track coach that I could be.

There were some funny stories that occurred; as well as one of the wildest endings to a game I have ever seen. Mr. Bevalaque was the first headmaster of Washington School. My second year at Humphreys we played them. The boys gave him a Gatorade bath. This made his back lock up at mid field. Another time we were playing at Canton Academy; Flip Godfrey meets us to show us where to dress. As we are talking to him he says Mr. Bevalaque your bus is rolling down the hill. That is when we realized the emergency brake did not work. After that we always made sure to chock the wheels.

The wildest ending to a game I had ever seen was with Mr. Bevalaque. We were playing Sharkey Issaquena Academy. We had been bitten by the energy bug and had our best wide receiver playing quarter back. Mr. Bevalaque had us in the shotgun all we could do was run sweep right and sweep left. We had played a tough game and the score was 7-0. He called a time out with 30 seconds left and went out and told the team that they played a good game and not to do anything stupid. The game had been kind of chippy up to this point. After the time out the quarterback from Sharkey ran around till the horn went off to signal no more time was left in the game. When the horn went off the quarterback rolled the ball like he was rolling dice and ran off the field. Thank God our line backer Todd McGrew picked up the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. The whistle had never blown to blow the play dead. After a time out Mr. Bevalaque called for a sweep around the right side for a successful two point conversion. We won the game 8-7.

I have regretted not being able to stay in touch with Mr. Bevalaque. A young coach could not ask for a better headmaster to work for.

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