Influences of Mine

As mentioned earlier there have been members of the MAIS Hall of Fame who have shaped my life. One is my high school headmaster. We were not while I attended Parklane. I could find my share of mischief so he did unfortunately see me more often than other students. I guess a high school student never thinks of his school's headmaster as a friend. The year I student coached I got to know him on a professional level. When I was at Centreville he asked coach Hurst for permission to interview me for the girls' position at Parklane. I met with him and was very tempted. I will not call it a regret but I do wonder how my life would have shaken out if I had taken the job. Mr. Swindle spent over 30 years as Headmaster at Parklane.

One thing I always admired of Mr. Swindle was his judge of talent. He hired such coaches as Larry Kinslow, Vester Newcomb, Darryl Brock, Ken Jackson, Dan Lewmon, and Steve Sasser. Coach Sasser is the only man I know that has experience as a football, basketball, baseball, soft ball, and soccer. He also hired two future Hall of Fame coaches in Dale Watts and Charlie Newlon. I think one of his most amazing hires was government teacher Malcolm Allen. I can only imagine what he could do with today's technology.

The main thing that I learned from Mr. Swindle is that every decision one makes will not be popular, but one has to live with that decision, and try and prove that it is what you feel is right.

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