Congratulations To All The State Champs

Congratulations to A girls' champ Briarfield Academy, A Boys' champ Humphreys Academy, AA girls' champ Centreville Academy, AA boys' champ St. Josephs, AAA girls' champ Delta School, AAA boys' champ Columbia Academy, AAAA girls' champ Hartfield Academy, AAAAA girls' champ Jackson Prep, and AAAAA boys' champ MRA.

I am very proud of the Centreville Academy Lady Tigers they finally get to add a basketball championship to all the other sports that they have won a state championship. I am also happy for Humphreys where I got my first start in coaching. I know Coach Watts is feeling good after winning a state championship; after what happened last year.

I do feel for coach Deer from Simpson. My first year in coaching she was coaching girls' basketball at Simpson. As she told me two weeks ago I was a baby going against a district of girls' coaches the likes of coach Deer, coach Moochie Britt from Broookhaven, and Coach Misty Canoy from Canton. In boys I was having to coach against coach Mitch Mitchell who was at Simpson, coach Joey Hawkins at Woodland Hills, coach Mike Coggins at Canton, and coach Mike Hardwick at Manchester. My girls in spite of me won the second seed and because of them I won coach of the year. We played Simpson tough twice, beat Brookhaven 2 out of 3 times but the final loss was in the consolation game. That loss got us the privilege of going against Bowling Green in South State; I can still hear coach Blair from Bowling Green saying at half they aren't going to just lay down and let you win. They ended up beating us by `14.

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