Congrats Centreville

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I was in my third year of coaching basketball at Centreville. My first year my patrons informed me that my main job was to keep the girls in shape for track. We had improved every year. That third year I had the greatest group of seniors I ever coached. Crystal Rogers, Annie Lewis, Danella McCurley, Renee' Wells, Kim Townsend, Meg DoeLee, and Kelly Hurst they were the toughest group of girls I had ever coached. They went through district undefeated. We played the semis of the district tournament during an ice storm. We lead the whole game until a steal and lay up by Kim Morris sealed our loss. We then could not resume the tournament until Monday. The winner of the consolation game got a better draw than the third place team. My good friend Eddie Harden advised me to throw the game. I could not do it. We slept walked through the first half and were down pretty good. We came out of the locker room with better focus and chipped away at the lead. At the end I was like the girls have played hard we will be ok we didn't throw it and still will get the better seed. Those girls would not stop we actually beat Silliman in over time. We made it to the second round where we had to play Manchester. We played hard but it was a struggle trying to figure out coach Kimble's 1-1-3 match up zone. I also felt so sorry for Kelly Hurst it seemed like she had a bulls eye on her back that night; every time she checked in she got a foul. Well to quote coach Jay Larry Ladner we did not get beat we just ran out of time.

Well last night Centreville Academy knocked off Manchester Academy and, even though I was not involved in the game, I slept a little better knowing that the Lady Tigers exacted some revenge for what happened years ago. Good luck to the Lady Tigers and hope you can bring home the championship. One basketball championship with all those football, track, and baseball trophies would not hurt at all.

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