Coach Charlie Newlon

The next member of the Hall of Fame I would like to mention is coach Charlie Newlon. He came to Parklane when I was a freshman and has been there ever since. That first year he coached me in junior high football and basketball. Football was unique. He and Coach Terry Giltner were co-head coaches. One week one call the offense and one would call the defense; the next week they would swap. He is also a tremendous American History teacher.

I broke my collar bone during spring football and my heart was not into playing in the fall. Coach Newlon asked me to be an equipment manager. This experience led to a good portion of my tuition at Southwest and USM getting paid on a managing scholarship.

The biggest thing I have learned from Coach Newlon is to treat everyone with respect. To this day when I see him; it is like he looks at me as an equal and not a mentor.

There is a couple of funny stories that I remember. One is that we would take the bus to the old Golden Corral every Friday for pre-game meal. No matter who we were playing as we were rolling down the hill in front of the school, the players would start mumbling, he would then proclaim that the opponent was a good football team. He would continue to say that we could not produce a magic wand and play good football and that we should get our minds right.

My first three years at Parklane we beat Prep. The third year was my sophomore year. Coach Giltner used to tape ankles. He smoked while doing this. He would put the cigarette on the side of the taping table and take a puff every now and then. When we came in at half time I sat on the taping table. Smoke started coming around me. The other manager started slapping at me. I asked him what he was doing he thought that I was on fire from sitting on coach Giltner's cigarette. We then realized I had been leaning on a Tuf Skin can and the aerosol was the cause of the smoke. That year we also got beat by ACCS; who went on to win the state championship. Coach Newlon came in at half time and told the team that ACCS's band had played "Dixie" so many times their lips were cramping.

Miss would like to thank coach Newlon on being so respectful and thanks for the memories.

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