Chatting With Copiah Academy Head of School Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell became a part of the MAIS 33 years ago after graduating from Millsaps. He got his start at Simpson Academy. He has been at Simpson twice, Copiah twice, Columbia, Central Hinds, Amite School Center, and Parklane Academy.

Mitchell stated that Danny Williamson his high school football coach probably influenced him the most. He described Williamson as being a no non sense kind of guy; who believed in teams being physical and tough. When Mitchell got into coaching he decided to adopt this philosophy. He demands his teams, whether it be boys or girls, to be physical and tough.

Mitchell has been a Swiss Army knife when it comes to fitting into a coaching position during his career. He has coached football, basketball, baseball and track. He has coached boys and girls at different stages of his career. His tow favorite accomplishments are the 2002 State Championship in girls' basketball and his 2006 State Championship in football. Both championships were won at Copiah. He said the girls were a special, hard working and talented group. He described the football championship as being very satisfying. The team had lost in the State Championship game in 2005. The 2006 team had to over come some early adversity. The team started out 3-4; and then won 7 straight to win the Championship. He feels one of the greatest things about our association is the friendships between our coaches. He stated that he used to enjoy the Saturdays of talking with coaches during film exchange before hudl. He also enjoys talking to coaches at coach's lounges during tournaments. He feels that it is unique that you can be competitors at the opening whistle and walk off the field after the final horn as friends. He also values the friendships he has made with former players.

Mitchell was name Head of School at Copiah Academy at the end of this year's first semester. Some of the things listed on his short term goals in athletics are that he wants the Colonels to be as competitive as possible. He also wants the athletes to learn that work ethic is needed t be successful and sacrificing for the betterment of the team is part of life. On the educational side of the job he would like to improve in all areas academically and to expand curriculum to include more opportunities for students.

My relationship with Mitch goes back 30 years; when I was a first year coach at Humphreys and he was at Simpson. I move to Centreville he was at Copiah. I get back into coaching at ASC he was at Central Hinds. After Central Hinds he became Headmaster at ASC. I was fortunate to be his assistant Headmaster at ASC. He is one of the best bosses I have ever had. I don't have too many amusing stories of our time at ASC. Other than he did find my offensive philosophy for junior high girls amusing. My philosophy was a bad shot is better than no shot at all. Don't get me wrong we had good times there. Some of my fondest memories are of us trying to solve the world's problems in our morning talks at "the pen". I am not sure if we solved any. In my opinion he is what he set out to be a no non sense kind of guy; and I admire him for that. One knows where they stand with Mitch. It is either black or white; gray is not in his color wheel. He taught me two things; one I am still trying to perfect. He taught me to have thick skin and that your principles are your most important value. He also taught me to never make a decision until you have gathered all of the facts. Even if that means that the decision is made the next day. I chose these pictures to show you that it the man is not all business. The Disney one hung on his wall at ASC. The other is of him and his grandchildren. He will probably want to kill me for this next part. He still has not forgiven me for turning him in for 25 years of service to the MAIS. I have discussed some of the influences in my career from the MAIS Hall of Fame. Mitch Mitchell deserves to be in there.

I would like to thank Mitch Mitchell for chatting with MISS and for being my friend for 30 years. Good luck with your new position and all the best for Copiah.

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